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Childbirth- the way nature intended it....


We have relocated our family to Pennsylvania. If you are looking for childbirth classes in Utah here is a link to some educators that I recommend:

Natural Childbirth Education Classes

Blossom Childbirth Education Services

Blossom Childbirth Classes are the most up to date and comprehensive childbirth classes available. With our dedication to healthy moms and healthy babies we are educating moms on how to eat right to care for their growing babies, exercise to care for their growing bellies, and about the normal process and variations of labor to calm their growing fears. Our classes also include information on postpartum care, newborn care and breastfeeding.  

Additionally our classes include:

How to be a good labor assistant and coach

How to develop better communication skills with your partner and birth team

How to cope with the ups and downs of pregnancy and labor 

How to trust your body and relax so that you can have your baby naturally.

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